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About Us

What is the Engineering Design Process? What is a motor? A sensor? What makes a “robot” a robot, and not just a machine? … These are the questions our classes help kids understand and answerL: through hands-on project based learning with our incredible collection LEGO electrical (ultrasonic, touch, color, IR sensors, Accelerometers, etc) and mechanical (motors, linear actuators, pneumatics) parts: these are not your grandma’s LEGOs

Why Engineering?

In our programs, we believe that engineering is not just a subject, it’s a mindset. By engaging children in engineering projects, we can help them develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills that will serve them well in any career they choose.

Project-Based Learning:

By engaging in project-based learning, children are able to take ownership of their own learning and explore topics in a way that is relevant to them. When working on a project, children must apply their knowledge of science, technology, engineering, and math to design, build, and program their creations. This hands-on approach allows them to see the direct results of their efforts and encourages them to think creatively and independently.

Some of our recent team projects include:

Mars Rescue Mission: in this mission, students build robots that will be sent to a different planet (different room) and be controlled remotely or autonomously to rescue an astronaut trapped on the planet. They used wireless cameras, a variety of sensors and vehicles to accomplish the mission in 8 weeks! Students also needed to write a grant proposal for the mission using a set of budget constraints as well as part and launch costs.

Wall Climber:

Toxic Waste Cleanup


In our programs (and all of life), teamwork is essential. Students must learn to work together to achieve a common goal, whether it’s building a robot or completing a challenge. This requires them to communicate effectively, share ideas, and compromise. By working as a team, children also develop empathy and respect for others and learn to value diverse perspectives.

Engineering Design Process:

The engineering design process is a problem-solving framework that is used in all areas of engineering. It involves identifying a problem, brainstorming solutions, designing a prototype, testing the prototype, and refining the design. When children engage in the engineering design process, they learn to approach problems systematically and to persist through failure. They also learn to apply knowledge from different subject areas and to use technology in innovative ways.

Mechies.com was started by Alex Milewski in 2018. Alex is a lifelong Lego Robotics nerd and graduated from Mechanical Engineering at CU Boulder in 2013. Alex has worked in Computer Science, Forensics Engineering and Product Design. He spent his first 5 years out of school in the Startup Industry and was even on Shark Tank in Season 6!

Alex has been teaching dance since he moved to Boulder in 2008, and has channelled his passions for teaching kids and Engineering into the LERO (Lego Robotics) programs!

Our Programs

We offer programs for kids ages 7+! We do after-school programming as well as daytime homeschool sessions. Our curriculum is linear: all students will begin in an introductory “LERO 101” course to become familiar with basic mechanical components, coding and sensors. Students will then progress to LERO 102, 103, etc! Each course is 8-weeks (1-2 classes each week) and includes a specific design challenge!

Student learning objectives

  • Knowledge and implementation of the Engineering Design Process
  • Basic understanding of how motors and gears work, including worm & rack gears
  • Understanding gear ratios: speed and torque tradeoffs
  • Basic understanding of and practical experience with:
  • Touch, Light, Ultrasonic & Acceleration Sensors
  • Introductory programming concepts (if statements, loops, etc)
  • Understanding how an electrical motor works
  • Basic understanding of structural integrity, bracing and building sturdy machines
  • Using sensors, motors, coding and a microcontroller, to allow a machine to respond to stimuli in its environment
  • Working in groups to solve specific problems

Course objectives

  • Having fun
  • Sparking curiosity
  • Teamwork
  • Learning basic problem solving skills and the Engineering Design Process
  • Understanding what makes a robot a robot, vs just an electrical machine
  • Deeper understanding of building/prototyping machines with LEGO
  • Basic understanding of what programming is
The Big Picture

We believe that teaching children engineering skills, such as project-based learning, teamwork, and the engineering design process, is crucial for their development as open, empathetic, and dynamic team thinkers. These skills will not only prepare them for a successful future in any career path they choose, but also equip them with the ability to solve complex problems, think critically, and work collaboratively with others on a daily basis. By nurturing these qualities in our children, we can help create a brighter future for all of us. In all of our programs, we are committed to providing students with the tools and resources they need to develop these skills and become the leaders, innovators and problem-solvers of tomorrow.

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